09 Mar 2015

Totally Uninspiring Diary

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Greetings muggles,

This is a totally uninspiring diary thread on my progress with my savings and other bits. But as I know that you're probably reading this as an interested or less than interested, spectator, I will fill you in with some personal details.

09 Mar 2015

No More Chardonnay for me! My booze-free Diary

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Well after being on the amazing Giving up/Cutting down on alcohol thread on this very forum for a few months now (if you would like to monitor/cut down/stop your alcohol consumption, give this amazing thread a look), I've now made the momentous decision (for me!) to join Belle's 100 day challenge and commit to cutting the booze out for at least 100 days. Well, I've joined her waiting list which is 25-30 days! title=EEK!

09 Mar 2015

Lilt and Jellytots most excellent adventure...

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So... I did have a diary. I didn't do all that well with it. It was dedicated to keeping my debt free hat on. I'm lucky and happy to say that I have, in the last few months managed at least that. I may not have all the savings I was hoping for but I still have a cushion and my income still exceeds my outgoings. With a little nudging and help from people on here, I am hoping that 2014 will be the 'Year of the Saver'.

09 Mar 2015

Mini meltdown and light bulb moment

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Hi everyone,
I posted on the forum yesterday and after some soul searching, I have contacted Step Change and am now in the initial stages of sorting a Debt Management Plan. The guy was really helpful, and said I am definitely taking the right steps for the circumstances, and I need to put me first.
To get it all out in the open and off my chest is going to be the second box ticked on my 'getting my life on track' checklist.