09 Mar 2015

58k in debt to frugal living..

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I'm not new on here, but I'm starting a new diary as I keep trying to be a more regular poster, so new start and all that.

You'll see from my signature that we had a hideous amount of debt which bit by bit we have paid off and are nowleft with just under Ј10k to clear.

A few years ago, we both got made redundant in fairly quick succession, had twins and moved to the coast in search of a better quality of life (not necessarily in that order). Our income subsequently went down by three quarters.

09 Mar 2015

The Giving Up/ Cutting Down alcohol support thread

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Welcome. Here we are again, time for a new thread, new starts and new challenges.

Let's take a trip down memory lane and remind ourselves of In Search Of Me's (ISOM) original post in Part 1:

24th February 2008

09 Mar 2015

Starting again with debt....again!

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Hi all, this is my first diary thread here in around two and a half years. We were well on our way to debt freedom when life took over...again.

As a bit of background, am now 30 and married with two cats. We previously got into a lot of debt when we bought our first flat when we were 20 & 21 (around Ј25000) and had to go on a DMP.

09 Mar 2015

New Year, New start.....

A question about : New Year, New start.....

Hello Folks

So I've been lurking on the forums here for quite some time and finally decided to join and put my own little mark in.

So not a massive debt and I know exactly where it has come from and was very much needed spends, although could have probably done it a different way round and made better financial decissions. But we are where we are.

As it stands I have 2 CC, one with Nationwide and one MBNA. My balances are as follows:

NW Ј2788.38
MBNA Ј962.21