09 Mar 2015

Funeral plan problem

A question about : Funeral plan problem

Hi I hope someone will be able to give me some advice.
My parents took out funeral plans about 20 years ago, with a company called Destiny (also known as Chosen Heritage).

09 Mar 2015

waiting for solicitors !!!

A question about : waiting for solicitors !!!

father died april 2014 leaving a very clear, detailed, uncontested will and we are still waiting for the solicitors to complete.when we contact them there is always one more thing to tie up. father made his will on a fixed rate payment is this why they are taking so long?

09 Mar 2015

Dealing with mum's will

A question about : Dealing with mum's will

I am dealing with my mum's will as there is no cash to pay the solicitors who were named as executors. They are preparing a deed of renunciation and I have the PA1 form to complete.

The will stipulates that after costs Ј5,000 should be paid to each my niece and nephew (I have no children) and the balance of the estate is split equally between myself and my sister.

There is no cash - the only asset is the property my mum and my sister lived in (she is 55 and was my mum's carer).

09 Mar 2015

Simple one (I think!) around Deed of Variation

A question about : Simple one (I think!) around Deed of Variation

My Dad died leaving a will. He was in the process of drafting a new one when he died, which differed only in that it made some specific bequests that were absent in the original.