09 Mar 2015

DIY Probate

A question about : DIY Probate

Although I've completed the forms for friends and neighbours in the past, things changed last year, and there are far more to complete. Also I felt that doing this for my late DH would be too upsetting, so I had a free consultation with a solicitor, to discuss fees.

I soon decided that writing my late husband's name a few times wouldn't be as distressing as writing the solicitor's cheque (!), so I downloaded all the forms, and sent everything by registered post last Saturday.

09 Mar 2015

do i need to investigate further? Farthers death 2 years ago

A question about : do i need to investigate further? Farthers death 2 years ago

I recently found out my Father passed away 2 years ago, nearly 3. I only found out as I was trying to get back in touch with him after about 8 years. his new wife took a distinct disliking to me so we agreed not to correspond.

ive searched online and cannot find a will on the gov site listed for him. there is an entry for her death in 2009 that says probate. he died in 2012. info from a neighbour suggests the step son (her son) is now living in the bungalow they used to live in.

09 Mar 2015

Late care home fees

A question about : Late care home fees

09 Mar 2015

Basic probate question

A question about : Basic probate question

Husband & wife have a joint bank account with a credit balance. Husband dies, and has an outstanding loan. In his will he leaves everything to his wife.

Am I correct in thinking that the joint bank account immediately passes to the wife, and therefore the loan debt would not be paid out of that joint bank account? i.e. the joint account is not part of the estate.