26 Feb 2015

Council Tax Problem

A question about : Council Tax Problem

Hi All,

I hope you can help. I cant seem to find the information and wondered if anyone can help. - my apologies in advance for the poor typing, but im on my laptop and it has dodgy keys.

To cut a very long story short, back in early 2012 I lost my job. I applied for JSA and shortly after recieved assistance with the mortgage.

However, the council stated that the recalculated tax would be zero. which is understandable.

26 Feb 2015

No more money

A question about : No more money

My situation is this:

I have gambled myself into debt, owing 11000 GBP in total.

I am currently on a Debt Management Plan with the CCCS but blew my September wages on the Bank Holiday Weekend in August.

Last week, I have self-excluded myself from online gambling and all betting shops (in the area where I work and the place where I live), thus eliminating the threat of my debt situation getting even worse !

26 Feb 2015

Court fines and Bailiffs advice please

A question about : Court fines and Bailiffs advice please

I got fine by a Magistrates court due to not have a TV licence(we have one now) reason i have missed some of the payments is due to a Change in Benefits.

so yesterday i got a letter from a Company called Marston group saying they are in possession of a magistrates court order and they demand full payment (Ј107.00 fine and Ј85 fees) within 7 days from date of letter(11th July).

but we can not pay the full sum as on Benefits so will they accept a payment plan?

what is the best way to sort this out?

26 Feb 2015

Vodafone will not accept they are WRONG!!!!!!

A question about : Vodafone will not accept they are WRONG!!!!!!

Hi I really need help .
I have had a dispute with Vodafone about my husband’s phone since February 2011, so far I have tried to sort this out myself direct with Vodafone, then I used the Financial Ombudsman service, but the Ombudsman’s final decision is siding with Vodafone even though the Ombudsman agrees Vodafone did not do what I asked.
My original calls with my proof, of me asking for HELP, have been deleted, how very convenient.