26 Feb 2015

A question about : Daily Mags

Hi, I'm a little confused as the daily mags thread has been closed and now some daily mag comps are being posted on the main board - are they going to be posted on the main board from now on? I loved the system we have been following for the past few months but don't mind if we go back to the old way of posting them on the main. I just wondered if any decision had been made?

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  • I hadn't even noticed the thread had been closed - what's going on??? Has any announcement been made or was it just closed?
    I hope we're not going to have to go back to the old system of every comp going on the main board and being linked back to another thread, it was so confusing to keep track of! I like things the way they've been the past couple of months!
  • I'm a lot confused to be honest, it seems something happened last night which has now disappeared, but Glad (presumably) has locked the mag thread so no idea whats happening other than she has asked for volunteers to (I think) change it back the old way which is what some people have been asking for.
    I'm sure someone will be along swiftly to correct me but that's how I read it this morning in the absence of the people that were involved last night.
  • Yes, that is what concerned me - there has been no announcements to say what is happening. I just noticed it was closed?
  • Last comment from Glad here.
    I am sure when Glad comes on she will explain & sort it all out.
  • I saw that it was locked last night, but posts look like they had been deleted.
    I really hope we don't go back to the old system. The new system worked perfectly for me and was less energy expelling with the M.E.
  • So sad to see this has happened. I think Cornish, Mums, Fire*Fly, Jambo and everyone else involved have done a fantastic job and the mag dailies thread has worked a treat up to now. I only joined the forum earlier this year so don't know what it was like in the past, but can't think that adding each new mag comp onto the main board will solve the problem in any way, shape or form. If the sticky didn't placate the disgruntled MSE members then I suppose this must be the only option. It doesn't seem like any progress to me though.
    Ah well - at least it'll free up the previously dedicated mags daily updaters to spend more time entering comps!
  • I don't even have any idea what the actual problem with the mag daily thread was.
  • I'm also confused, the daily sticky that we have had recently has worked perfectly for me and I'm sure many others due to the great job that the regular posters have done, you are all much appreciated.
    I caught a bit of the 'discussion' last night but it seems to me a shame if a vocal minority cause everything to be changed again when most of us seem perfectly happy with how things have been running.
  • Obviously something has happened to upset cornish but I hope we keep the Dailies on their own thread.
    Also put R/copter, Facebook & Twitter on their own threads too - Ah bliss!!!
  • Que sera sera - no point going over the same ground as what's done is done
    It would just be helpful, moving forward, to know exactly how/where any brand new mag dailies will be posted. Should we presume no more 'click to win' sites will appear? If they do, where will people be notified about these? It was helpful having a single, clearly laid out thread where these could be added/listed on the front page (just like the TAB/Puzzler thread).
    In addition, a couple of new standard 'mag dailies' appeared in the past few weeks (ie. House to Home & Good Housekeeping). Again, where exactly will people be able to notify others about these quickly and easily?
    I look forward to the next update from Glad
  • This is getting ridiculous, I'm getting insulted from thread users for daring to help on Mse.
    It was never to attack anyone, The Mag thread had 47 average likes per comp, The 3 I linked had over 500+ , which shows the majority where not using the thread or noticing it.
    Rather than keep attacking me in thinly veiled snipes maybe look outside of the box and see what would help everyone not just yourselves.
    This is so one sided as it is in CCC, thanks for calling me the vocal minority? the figures show I'm not but people are wary of saying anything.
    Also with his thread here most don't it, except the same old same old.
    I linked a comp worth over Ј1000 to main, it still went to mag thread so everyone would have been happy.
    But it blew up into this, I deleted the thread and asked Glad to intervene before things escalated further.
    This thread showed how many were missing out http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/....php?t=4819004.
    Not going to argue here as it seems people really want to take a constant pop at me.
    The whole idea was to help many not a few that comp, that point I can't seem to get through to some.
  • Oh - i didn't even notice the thread had been closed.
  • Every one saw the daily/mag thread in the same way they all saw the compers guide and the other stickies - some people (inc me) then choose to ignore those they were not interested in/didn't want to spend time looking at.
    So I would have missed out on what someone else decided were big prizes (which was way below the threshold for what I consider big), that was my choice just the same as it was the choice of everyone else to read or not read the daily/mag thread.
  • Nobody involved should feel or be attacked for their views on this. It's very complicated and everyone's input is valid and hopefully welcome.
    The way I see it, is that it is hard to find the perfect solution that will suit all compers.
    For those who do the magazine dailies regularly, having them in their own thread works really well. And it is seemingly much easier to post them this way too.
    The trouble is though those who don't do them regularly, and therefore don't look at the daily thread, miss out on seeing what comps are available to them.
    So someone might not want to do 'the magazine dailies' but they might be tempted with the odd one, if they saw it posted on the main board.
    What we need is to find the best compromise, which was clearly Glad's point about how the daily thread was set up as an experiment. It was an experiment that worked well in some ways, but not so much in others.
    So that's the issue. The point is then, what to try next.
    I don't know if this would work, but I have one idea to throw into the bucket.
    What if it was kept as it is now, with the dailies thread, and separated into, magazines, RCs and others there. But we also asked for another volunteer to post a link to each NEW daily comp once on the main board. It wouldn't take that much posting, because it should only need the title, and the link in the main body.
    In that way, we might have the best of all worlds. And also hopefully we can placate Cornish, who none of us would want to upset after all the work she's done for us. I can understand that you feel messed around CP, but please don't feel unappreciated. That is sooooo not the case.
    Blu X
  • I am really upset that the dailies thread is locked. I think Cornish did an amazing job as did all the posters putting each new comp up. I don't know what happened, but the way the thread was seemed perfect. I only do the mags lately and found the new thread wonderful. Like a lot of other posters with health problems, I found it easier to use. Everyone makes their personal decision about which comps to do and a lot of posters skip the mags.
    The Daily thread gets so long now with all the rafflecopters. I agree with what another poster suggested regarding a separate sticky for dailies, mags and rafflecopters.
    If posters wanted to check for big prizes, they could subscribe to the thread and scroll through the new posts at the end. Just my opinion.
    I think the community is brilliant and I am so grateful to everyone who works so hard.
    I would genuinely love to help with the threads but I know I wouldn't be able to update them as often and as well as posters like Cornish.
  • Oh dear
    I haven't read everything but as I interpret it...
    The main "For" was that it suited many people and freed up the daily thread that was becoming clogged with mags.
    The main "Against" was that comps were only in the sticky and not on the main board- something that many feel is vital if ALL compers are to benefit.
    I interpreted Glad's suggestion that we have 3 daily stickies...
    1) Daillies
    2) Rafflecopters
    3) Mags
    (If I'm wrong, please don't flame me, I'm truly trying to help )
    Now surely there's a compromise?
    If, like other dailies, (including the rafflecopters that are now dominating dailies thread,) all comps are posted on THE MAIN BOARD then linked to the appropriate sticky, won't that suit both all camps? It's done with other dailies, so why not all?