26 Feb 2015

MSE TravelMoney app

A question about : MSE TravelMoney app

I am using the MSE TravelMoney link to see the best deals I can get for my Euros.

What does this mean on the page?


Important! You must print out a voucher or show proof on mobile phone. The rate you get is the online rate when you go to the bureau, not when you printed the voucher.

Does this mean the rate I see now won't be the rate I get when I actually collect it?

26 Feb 2015

Which Travel passport card?

A question about : Which Travel passport card?


I am off to holiday in US this September. Recently, I have read about these cash passport mastercards which seems like a good idea instead of carrying cash dollars.

Can somebody please, share their experience of using one and also recommend a decent one to get please.

Many Thanks