09 Mar 2015

Credit File and Default Help

A question about : Credit File and Default Help

Hi all, just looking for some advice. I left the UK and I went travelling back in 2011, came back and then left again. I stupidly just ignored all my credit accounts.

I've just checked my credit file and I have three bank accounts in good standing order, one with a Ј1500 overdraft (not used). These all seem okay and shouldn't cause any problems.

25 Feb 2015

Equifax black mark

A question about : Equifax black mark

Help advice needed please!

25 Feb 2015

Letting agency "credit checks" and experian scores

A question about : Letting agency "credit checks" and experian scores

Having become debt free it's great. I can see all my money going into savings and I can really move on with my life. I'm even able to start to make some strides towards saving for a mortgage now.

But I'm deeply concerned that I won't be able to move because of the problems which will remain on my credit file for years.


25 Feb 2015

Help re Statute Barred

A question about : Help re Statute Barred

Many years ago I incurred lots of debts some of which I paid off through a debt management company some of which I did not.

One of those I did not was with Nationwide and should be statute barred. However another account with Nationwide was paid off by Gregory Pennington via me and in fact overpaid when I think that Nationwide allocated this overpayment to the account I was not paying off.