09 Mar 2015

will they remove my default?

A question about : will they remove my default?

Hey guys,

I have just recently looked at my credit file for the first in in many moons, I have discovered a default for Ј147 from studio.

I had no idea this existed, its from 2012 and it appears it be from an address I moved out of long time ago.

I have contacted them today and asked them about it, I said I would get back to them and paid Ј25 as a good will gesture until I look into it.

09 Mar 2015

Incorrect CCJs

A question about : Incorrect CCJs

Hi all. I hope this is in the correct forum.
In 2011 my Mother passed away. I informed all utility companies and provided them solicitors details (POE) to write to request payment direct from estate via solicitor. All companies bar one carried this out. The company in question proceeded to hold me responsible for a Ј120 bill and issued a CCJ against me. Fast forward several months and I discover this. The organisation in question removes the CCJ from my file but not before it has caused severe stress and cost me a mortgage application.

09 Mar 2015

Cabot financial

A question about : Cabot financial


First time on.

My partner has a debt with CABOT FINANCIAL and is reluctant to call them to find out where this has come from. We have just signed her up to experian to get her straight.

Her ex was a mess with finances and it is likely from him or something he arranged, although his name doesn't appear on the report.

Is there a list of their main clients (or likely debt they have bought), so we might be able to figure this out without activating something.

09 Mar 2015

Credit File & Ratings Board Sticky

A question about : Credit File & Ratings Board Sticky

Hi folks title=Smile

This is the new Credit File & Ratings Board Sticky where links to all current important threads will be kept.


New Credit Ratings Board

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