09 Mar 2015

Searches badly affected credit rating

A question about : Searches badly affected credit rating

Hi there

Until recently I had a 5/5 credit rating on Noddle, no idea about the other agencies but as I have no defaults on record and have a reasonable line of credit I imagine there were no problems.

09 Mar 2015

What your credit score really means

A question about : What your credit score really means


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09 Mar 2015

Santander have incorrect info

A question about : Santander have incorrect info

Any help would be appreciated. I wanted to check my credit file as we want to go for a new car in June/July time, and wanted to make sure there was nothing on there that would jeopardise any credit I needed.

09 Mar 2015

Compello Group

A question about : Compello Group


I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I have a debt relating to an old First Direct account, and I have been since about 2008 0r 2009 been chased by this pack of bloodhounds.

I have never responded, plus the debt isn't very much, but it was the result of constant bank charges always coming the day or 2 days before my wages went in, so it escalated over the period of about 7 months to Ј1500. I paid it down by about 2 thirds before losing my job and stopping payments.