09 Mar 2015

Applied for new 0% card, was Refused

A question about : Applied for new 0% card, was Refused

I applied for a new 0% rate card, after taking the pre check test here, which said there was a 9/10 chance of me getting it, but I was truned down for the card, so I am a little annoyed that this site had said I would be eligible.title=Mad

09 Mar 2015

Improving Credit Score

A question about : Improving Credit Score

Hi All,

My partner has had a VERY poor credit score for a while now (due to unemployment and family debt). We are looking for our own place within the next year and her credit score worries me as i would prefer to get a mortgage with our wages combined and not just rely on mine because my credit score is VERY good.

I believe her score has been damaged because of miss payments, several store cards and unemployment. She's had mobile phone contracts, car finance in the past and has never defaulted on any of these.

09 Mar 2015

Any legs to stand on?

A question about : Any legs to stand on?

Hi all,
I have a quandary regarding credit cards and fraud... namely I have an item, an unused wedding dress, which I placed for sale on a relevant website.
My wife received an email from a disabled Scottish lady, who wanted to purchase, but needed us to blah blah blah, we were scammed to the tune of Ј300 approximately.

09 Mar 2015

Newly Debt free

A question about : Newly Debt free

I am newly debt free, having got from over 30k unsecured borrowings, to nothing, thanks to a very kind gift from a family member.

I've viewed my credit file across all the main agencies, and my credit scores are fairly good (I've never missed a payment), but all still show the total borrowing amounts before I paid everything off..(this was about 2 weeks ago)

I expect this to all be updated towards the end of the month.. Should this actually be the case?