09 Mar 2015

Avoiding membership renewal?

A question about : Avoiding membership renewal?


I've just tried to get my free credit report through Experian but because I have previously done their free trial (a few years ago!) it recognises my details and takes me to a renewal (monthly subscription) page. Is there a way to avoid this?


09 Mar 2015

Payday Loan Defaulted after 16days of payment being due?

A question about : Payday Loan Defaulted after 16days of payment being due?

Just need a bit of advice really?

09 Mar 2015

Refund king here to help!

A question about : Refund king here to help!

Brand new on the forum although been using the site a while. Seeing as I just posted to ask advice, I thought I could maybe share some of mine.

I am really really good at getting refunds and compensation. I sometimes think I should train as a lawyer and get into it professionally! It's a shame that so many services are so poor that I should have to but that's another matter.

09 Mar 2015

CIFAS Marker

A question about : CIFAS Marker

Somebody applied for a savings account (to what end I don't know) using my details. I alerted Halifax about this and they immediately closed the account and have logged it with CIFAS leading to a CIFAS marker on my credit report.