26 Feb 2015

Giftcard balance showing as Ј0 online but.....

A question about : Giftcard balance showing as Ј0 online but.....

I have a gift card that I was convinced I still had a balance on.
It is a River Island Card & it allows you to check online

Well, I entered my gift card number & the got the following message :-
Your gift card balance is: Ј0.00

26 Feb 2015


A question about : Mugged

So - I decided to buy some holiday euros while the price is good so I ordered up on line and toddled of to Asda with my jar of pennies I save for holiday spends. I tipped the coins into the Coin Star machine and got my little voucher, Ј48, not bad! - so far so good.
I then realised I'd left my currency order slip at home so I dashed off home and got stuck in the traffic. I decided I'd pick the Euros up in the morning on the way to work.

26 Feb 2015

Small Claims Court

A question about : Small Claims Court

I have submitted a claim to take Tesco to the Small Claims Court. It is a simple case they said they would refund and they haven't. I want to blog about the case before it is heard, would this be stupid and should I wait until after the case?! I don't really see why it should go against me as it's just my side and they can always respond but I'm aware that it could jepordise the case. How long after submission does it take to get to Court?
Thank you