09 Mar 2015

A question about : Common sense in the divorce courts


Hopefully this is an end to greedy ex wives living off their ex husbands success whilst lounging around as ladies of leisure

Best answers:

  • There are not very many greedy ex wives living off their ex's/. Mostly there are parents who have given up / cut down on their careers in order to care for children and/or support a spouse's career and who cannot simply walk back into a well paid job.
    In practice, divorced men tend, long term, to be much better off than divorced women. The problem is that because practical considerations often mean that in the very short term a wife (usually, and men's careers still tend to take precedence more often than not) will often need more of the joint assets, and most people focus on the short, not the long term effect of divorce.
    This case is not newsworthy. it is exactly what people in divorce cases are told up and down the country every day. There is nothing new or unusual in this. It may be that it is less common among the very wealthy than it is for the rest of us but it is not a change to the law nor to the way that the law is normally applied.
  • While I disagree - and have always disagreed - with the idea of a wedding certificate being a lifelong meal-ticket, there is another consideration. Divorce judges have, for some years now, taken into account the sums that non-working wives have enabled their career-minded husbands to accrue simply because of their behind-the-scenes support.
    If a woman gives up her own career to support that of her husband, she not only finds it more difficult to get back into the working world later, especially if she has children. In those years her husband may have forged ahead with his career - with her support - and will continue onwards and upwards without her and the children.
  • The woman doesn't always come off better in a divorce....i got taken to the cleaners by my ex husband x