26 Feb 2015

Is this category necessary?

A question about : Is this category necessary?

Is it not better to implement a better way of tracking expired codes or invalid codes in their respective posts?

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26 Feb 2015

Boots Ј15 off voucher doesn't work on cookers

A question about : Boots Ј15 off voucher doesn't work on cookers

I went through the link to give me Ј15 off.
Sends you to vouchercodes website which then sends you to Boots.
From Boots you have to click on another link to buy kitchen appliances from another website which wont let you use the voucher code.
I've spoken to Boots who are being really unhelpful and actually have the cheek to tell me I shoud be asking for Ј15 off moneysavingexpert although they are not going to compain to them at all.
Amazingly useless!

26 Feb 2015

Tesco MSEPOSTER code no worky

A question about : Tesco MSEPOSTER code no worky

Hi all, and apologies if this is posted in the wrong place..

In the most recent MSE email we're told that MSEPOSTER will get us a healthy 75% discount on posters (obviously), but I can't seem to get it recognised as an official code..

Has anyone else gotten it to work?


26 Feb 2015

Deal Cloud Voucher Doesnt work Help

A question about : Deal Cloud Voucher Doesnt work Help

I bought a voucher through Deal Cloud for Giftsandgadgetsuk.com. Voucher code doesnt work on GAG site. Not a vast amount but I may have been scammed. Anyone know if this is for real or should I cancel my cc?
Deal Cloud office closed until mon ( phone Num)
Sent email query anyway. Gifts and Gadgets email doesnt work!!!!!!

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