09 Mar 2015

A question about : Cinema Only Free Tickets Discussion thread

Please use this thread to chat about the free cinema ticket offers

Please note that swapping of tickets should not be posted as it is against the site rules to exchange personal details. See here.

If you obtained your tickets via seefilmfirst, you should email them so they can re-allocate your tickets.


If by chance you cannot make it to a screening, we can give your ticket to someone else. Please let us know by e-mail on icantgo@seefilmfirst.com
Other than doing that, you can use sites like freecycle to give your tickets to someone

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  • Shiny new thread and I'm 1st to post on it xxxxx
  • If you need to cancel tickets for The Muppets the phone number is 0800 010 111 ask for In House Promotions. Word of warning they were very rude to me when I phoned and I am now waiting for somebody to phone me back to cancel the tickets.
  • We quite enjoyed Man on a Ledge last night....good silly fun.
    I'm now looking forward to the inevitable sequels, Man in a Hedge: A Thorny Issue, and Man on a Sledge: A Chill in the Air...
  • MOAL - decent movie. totally wish i hadnt seen any trailers at all tho! if you havent seen any trailers then you're in for a little treat. some nice twists along the way
  • Went to see Man On a Ledge last night totally stupid plot but really enjoyed it
  • Young Adult, 7/10
    Did enjoy, something differrent, from Theron.
  • The Muppets at Mansfield was only around half full this morning due to the weather I guess, which was a shame.
    The film was ok, but needed to be funnier. It had real heart though, and the music and dancing and Bret McKenzie's Oscar-nominated songs were lovely.
  • At Wimbledon the Cinema was 1/3 full. I guess it was the weather.
    I LOVED IT!!!! I'm a big fan and i grew up with the Muppet show on every Sunday night. It was exciting to see them back!
  • i saw it at nottingham, again half full, but largest screen used, capacity approx 600, at a guess.
    i took my dear old mum along to see it, shes never seen muppets on tv & had very low expectations.
    both of us thought it was hilarious, probably helped by the fact that malcolm muppet is a spitting image of one of our relatives.
    ...actually, this probably helped alot
  • I saw The Muppets in Cardiff on Sunday, it was full and about 8 people were turned away. We all liked the film, it's a feel good movie. I enjoyed the music, isn't it strange how easy it is to forget they are puppets lol
  • Muppets screening at Liverpool Showcase on Saturday was full complete with selfish woman taking crying child to back of cinema. Nice for those of us at the back. Cheers
    Muppets screening at Odeon Switch Island Liverpool on Sunday had hardly anyone there.
    No snow to put people off so no idea why so few turned out on Sunday.
  • Has anyone had any heads up on tickets for woman in black?
    2 for 1 VOUCHER - for use at VUE CINEMAS
    thanks kittycatface
  • In answer to question LemonSocks posted in codes only.
    Showfilmfirst.com used to allow SMS tickets to be shown for preview screenings but then stopped that service.
    However, some cinemas will allow you in by showing the ticket on your smart phone but there is no guarantee that they will let you in using this method. It is entirely at their discretion.
    It may be that they will ask you to stand to one side to see if there is space left.
    My advice to avoid disappointment, is to print the e-ticket and take it with you.
    You do not take it to the Box Office, take it to the people who check the tickets. Get there early and there may well be a queue you need to join.
  • Thank you for the answer. I'll go to the library tomorrow and print it off. Thanks!
    And sorry for posting on the wrong thread. I'll pay a bit more attention next time.