26 Feb 2015

Cased Closed

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26 Feb 2015


A question about : Csa

I'm new to this and my first post has disappeared. My former partner has been paying me Ј40 directly for our 2 sons we had together. He has stopped because the CSA are taking 20% of his income for another child he had because the mother got a court order. The CSA are ignoring me. This is unfair and I would like some help and advice on what to do. It's the worst time for the payments to stop.

26 Feb 2015

CSA Payments with other children invloved

A question about : CSA Payments with other children invloved


I currently pay CSA for my daughter, I have since met my new partner and are now living together and she has 3 children. As we are a couple we share the bills and obviously having her three children there is a lot more to pay out, will this have an effect on my CSA payments?

26 Feb 2015


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