09 Mar 2015

A question about : Chasing Payments

im currently self employed and i have some customers which are on account , my credit terms are 30 days end of month , unfortunatly a few companies think this means 90 days+, is there a way to enforce the payment terms as we send out reminders , statements , which are often ignored, and i dont have the resources really to be chasing people constantly for money , how long is it acceptable or general consensus for chasing debt and getting solicitors involved , should i be giving companies say 2 weeks after payment is due or 3 what is the general rule ? or is it not enforcable at all and i just have to put up and shut up and hope they pay eventually

Best answers:

  • Hi lanes 1977, thank you for your query regarding chasing payments
    Unfortunately we do nt currently give advice on seeking payment of debts owed to you- only on debts you owe but you can find information on how to issue county court proceedings which does not require a solicitor at www.adviceguide.org.uk.
    Hope this is of assistance.