09 Mar 2015

North east Atlantic challenge

A question about : North east Atlantic challenge


if anyone can support these guys they have done an amazing job up to now. just completed the continual row record over the weekend! a massive 30 hours title=Smile

09 Mar 2015

Used postage stamps

A question about : Used postage stamps

It's the time of the year that I guess we're all receiving lots of cards with stamps on them, and I start cutting them off and wondering who to donate them to. Does anyone know of a charity that collects them at the moment?

PS I have done a search on this but the only replies are dated March 2013 and it would be good to have more up to date information.

09 Mar 2015

Good News

A question about : Good News


I've come across this website that posts good charitable news stories - http://goodnewsshared.com.

Being a food lover I particularly like the food series: http://goodnewsshared.com/social-ent...afe-directory/

Hope you guys find it interesting too title=Smile

09 Mar 2015

Looking to give away calendar

A question about : Looking to give away calendar


This Christmas I got a 3 calendars as gifts. While much appreciated there's a limit on how many calendars a girl needs! I've given one away to a friend but still have a 'cute kittens' calendar.

If anyone knows any good causes who might be able to use it (even to cut out the kitten photos for paper crafts etc) just let me know and I'll gladly pay the postage to pass it on!