09 Mar 2015

A question about : Cha Electronics

Just wondering if anyone has come across this firm?

I was on the internet looking for a new fridge freezer and their prices are too good to be true, especially as they have a 10% off code that can be applied to lower their already low prices.

Alarm bells are ringing but if I use a CC then I should be pretty safe, shouldn't I?


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  • (Text removed by MSE Forum Team)
    Neither the company registration number or the company name exist at Companies House.
    Google Street View shows a hairdressers called Beirut Barber at the contact address.
    Cha Electronics' website was only registered on the 29th of September last so perhaps they've now taken over from the barbers.
    Mind you they've used a privacy protection service on the above which leads me to believe they have something to hide.
    On their Google+ page they say they are a camera and mobile phone shop.
    The website does sell cameras but I don't see any sign of mobiles. They sell whacking great cookers though. Having seen the size of their supposed shop on Street View, they'd be lucky to fit one of those in it never mind anything else.
    Before buying anything from the website one has to register first which is a very unusual way of doing business. However the registration form is unencrypted which means that any personal information can be intercepted when sent over the internet. I filled out a load of lies and then got told that they would send an activation link to my email address. Good luck with that!
    I've just noticed that the only methods of payment are by bank transfer and Perfect Money. Both of these methods are virtually non-traceable and offer absolutely zero security.
    This website absolutely screams SCAM. I would seriously advise you not to use it.
    "We request registration because we offer 10 % discount voucher for registration."
  • Hi
    I went to purchase a Tv from Cha website as their prices are clearly excellent. The payment methods have obviously put me off and certainly after reading the good advice on this site.
    However i have had various chats with them, to confirm it is UK stock i am buying and that its exactly what i would get anywhere else. They have confirmed this is the case, with a 5 yr warranty.
    I have offered to purchase the item direct from their shop and pay for it then. I will keep you updated if this happens.
    Everyone deserves a chance especially if they have the potential to safe you a significant amount of money.
    i have also advised them of the comments on this forum to give them a chance to respond. If they don not come back and respond now that i have sent them a link, i think we can draw our own conclusions form that.
  • Companies right of reply is fair enough but it has to be done through MSE and not just join a forum and do it.
    EDIT for clarification two posters posts have now been removed since I posted.
  • Here you go the rules about it and contact details
    How do I get a right of reply on what's been said about my company?
    If you're from a company, have seen a post you feel is misleading or offensive, and would like the right of reply, please email the Forum Team at forumteam@moneysavingexpert.com.
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    You can post your discount once only, on that thread, but nowhere else on the forum. And you shouldn't post about your company anywhere else on the forum.
    SOURCE http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/sit...94440#response
  • I am shocked and disappointed that i as a private citizen have had my comments removed from this link. What is the point of a forum if you are vetting what i deemed as a positive comment on other posters on this website and that i was open minded about trying to do business with the company in question.
    What country or prospective are you using to take down an honest and unbiased opinion.
  • Dodgy really, Glasgow to USA is a long way to deliver and international delivery is not offered. It's ok, you can pay by bank transfer. That sorts out section 75
  • In this thread I have delved a little deeper too and its all quite concerning that ebuyer1 is still trying to say that we shouldnt be stating that this company are a fake.
  • Exile Geordie
    Where on earth have i said what you claim above.
    Do you understand the word "context", as you completely misquote and claim things with no direct context or evidence.
    Your ability to ignore what someone says, and their under lying argument is astounding.
    Maybe you are the one that is biased, are you linked to some electronics store or something like that. As clearly the seeking and asking of independent empirical facts are something you have an issue with.
  • Point of this forum is after all to save money
    Be it best deals in grabbit forum, shopping, energy etc etc Also to warn others if scams or bad service. Not saying that site is any of these mealy replying to your post on what's it the point of this forum.
    You however seem to go well above what a normal user would go to defend a company which begs the question are you connected to them? As have denied that but doesn't stop many of us thinking otherwise.
  • ebuyer1 - their shop no longer exists at the address given on the website (so I can't see how you can buy it in person). That address is occupied by a barber. The image of the CHA shop is from before May 2014 of this year. A respectable business shouldn't list an out of date address on their website for a start. And no idea how MSE could authenticate them - it isn't a registered company. The internet is a powerful thing, but you must be able to interpret the information available.
    The link posted in the other thread ( https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/...54ed54!6m1!1e1 ) is from 2012. There address given on their website isn't Tron Street.
    There are some exception to only listening to those that engage directly. If a company is insolvent or misreprenting itself (e.g. quoting a company registration number despite not actually being registered, providing an address they no longer are present at) that sounds alarm bells - with or without direct dealings.
    tbeckett - s75 doesn't apply to bank transfers, there would be no credit card/s75 protection (unless you can find someway through paypal or a company like skrill, but I'm not confident it would apply)
  • It's interesting that their showroom picture is very similar to that of Samsung's here:
    One might even think they had modelled theirs on it and just coloured on the Samsung letters.
  • The company registration number doesn't exist at Companies House so it's been falsified.
    The contact address is that of a small barbers shop. The Domain has been registered using a privacy protection service. No Privacy Policy. No cookies policy in contravention of EU law. All the testimonials are fake. The registration page is unencrypted. The only methods of payment are by bank transfer and PerfectMoney both of which are virtually non-traceable and offer no security whatsoever. "