09 Mar 2015

A question about : CCCS and LLoydsTsb have messed up my DMP!!!

Long story ......in Feb we started a DMP with the CCCS. Everything was running fine till August when we got a letter off CCCS saying Lloyds had informed them the account was in credit therefore they would cease payments to them and distribute our payment amongst our other creditors.

I phoned them and told them that wasn't possible because I still owed Lloyds over Ј10,000!!!! title=Frown Not a problem they said we'll pay them. Problem solved

Off we went on our free caravan holiday (families are great) get back to a letter from CCCS saying the same as above AND Lloyds saying they haven't been paid. Phonecalls all round determined Lloyds again said the account was in credit CCCS didn't pay them because of this even though I'd told them to and Lloyds saying you need to pay us the shortfall and we're refusing your DMP payments because they're more than the minimum payment so you can't be in financial difficulty! If you reduce your payments we'll accept them. Get CCCS to send us a new offer etc etc etc. More calls to CCCS yes they'd send the new offer (but wouldn't offer a lower payment) this is a new thing Lloyds are doing don't worry it'll get sorted.

So Lloyds got nothing in August, payments to other creditors went up resulting in harassing phonecalls from GE Money wondering why.

Anyway, September comes along and my statement arrives from CCCS and shows a reduced payment went to Lloyds. I email asking 'Is this the new monthly figure Lloyds have agreed?' and they replied ' (Quote) It looks like Lloyds zeroed the debt ending **** from your plan so no payment was made in August. When this was reinstated, the money was not shared between your creditors correctly, hence why they received the incorrect amount.

I have corrected this so they should receive the correct payment of Ј218.81 from October. Please accept my apologies for any confusion this has caused.

Now, however Lloyds are sending letters stating we broke our agreement by failing to keep up with the repayments and we are several hundred in arrears from the missed payment and the reduced payment and we need to make these up!!

How can we make them up when our money goes to CCCS who were supposed to do all this for us??

I don't know what to do? Everytime I speak to CCCS they say they'll send the payment offer ( original amount) and Lloyds say they won't accept it because its higher they need a lower payment PLUS we're in arrears!!!

Any advice anyone? I thought a DMP through a company was supposed to simplify things not stress you out even more


Best answers:

  • It won't simplify it as such but can you tell CCCS to take LTSB out your DMP that you will deal with them on your own and organise you own payment plan with them? Saves you tooing and fro-ing between them.
    Obviously they can't communicate with each other. You are piggy in the middle it seems.
    I know a DMP is meant to include all creditors but it seems like something is going wrong here.