09 Mar 2015

A question about : catalogue debt dispute

Hi there, i dont know if you can help me but i desperately need some advice and have no idea on how to proceed on this issue. I have a catalogue that i have had for a number of years now and have kept upto date with all payments on the account which was cleared some time ago. I helped out my mum by letting her have a vacuum through this catalogue, which up until recently she has paid ontime. However, our relationship has broken down and i no longer have any contact with her(long story!!) and although she has had the means via payment slips to continue her payments, she has missed the last 2 which has incurred 2xЈ12 admin charges on the account taking the balance nearly back upto what the item originally cost! I have contacted the company - who can provide me with proof that she did indeed have the said item and it was delivered directly to her address - and notified them of this problem and their stance on it is that as it is my account I am liable for the payments even though she has ordered the item and i need to pay them A.S.A.P and to make a claim for it back through the small claims courts!title=Mad Is this right? They seem reluctant to deal with this when it seems simple enough to send out a letter to her - I can provide them with full address as she has now moved - and demand payment for the goods that SHE had and deal with her directly but they say they cannot do this. Im not working so finding this money will be a struggle and on principle why should i pay for something that someone else has had?title=EEK! I am so upset and angry about this whole issue and hope that someone can shed some light on where i go from here.

Many thanks.title=Madtitle=Madtitle=Frowntitle=Frowntitle=EEK!

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  • I know I'm not a CAB representative, but I can tell you right now that the catalogue people are 100% correct. As the account is in your name, the debt is viewed as yours, no matter who then gets the item. If somebody has ordered an item in your name, if you have given them the account details and password then it is viewed that you have authorised that.
    To avoid your credit being affected, you would need to pay it off and chalk it up to experience I'm afraid. There is no way to get a debt in your name signed over to your mother.
  • I have heard this before that if your a agent or someone uses your account your are soul responsible if it goes pear shaped. They will be chasing you for the debt which could effect you credit rating as said above. You have to pursue your mum via the small claims court assuming you win and or she has any money
    You might be best seeing if you can pay in small payments over many weeks/months
  • Thanks for the reply but that doesnt answer my question really does it as i wasnt asking for help in that area. You have no idea what has led upto my decision to exclude my mum from my life but let me assure you that it is bad and inexcusable enough to warrant such an action! That is my choice and mine alone thankyou so i would appreciate replies to the question in hand please. Thanks
    Merry Christmas to you too.
  • It's your debt in your name. It isn't the catalogue company's business who you gifted it to.
  • Hi bridey2013, thank you for your post regarding catalogue debt dispute
    Unfortunately unless you are a catalogue agent and took the items out through a agent agreement for your mother it is you the catalogue company have a contract with and they are entitled to pursue you for the amount even if they were aware the goods were going to someone else. You do have a possible claim against your mother for the amount and obviously have proof of the amount of the dbet and what she has paid to date but there is a court fee for issuing court procedings which you would have to pay upfront. You can find more information about starting county court action at www.adviceguide.org.uk If you are struggling to make the contractual payments on the catalogue then you can try to negotiate a payment arrangement by completing an income and expenditure and sending them an offer of repayment and you can find information on completing a budget and template letters at www,adviceguide.org.uk
    Hope this is of assistance.