22 Mar 2015

A question about : can I dispute amount owed to bank?

In December 2007 I had Ј107 of bank charges added to my Nationwide account. I had just opened a new Natwest account and the charges were comprised of:
2 Ч Ј30 - direct debit fees
1 x Ј30 - standing order fees
1 Ч Ј20- unauthorised overdraft

I now owe Nationwide Ј348 because they kept adding unauthorised overdraft charges of approx Ј50 a month. However I moved house in February 2008 so didnt receive any letters notifying me that the charges were still going on.

I dont remember ever receiving letters between december 07 and feb 08 about it. It might have happened I just dont recall.

Can I argue the extra charges as I never received letters? I had thought the account closed down and didnt know it was so high until I recently got my credit file.


Best answers:

  • The original charges are now statute barred unless the bank issued a summons against you and were granted a CCJ. Anything over six years is SB unless you have admitted the debt or made a payment towards them during the six year period.
  • The default date is 22nd May 2008, to my knowledge I have never made any payments or accepted the debt.
  • The good news is that on 22nd May this year (next week), it will definitely be statute barred unless they got a CCJ against you.
  • I understood they are statute barred from the last payment date, not the date of default?
    I'd send the statute barred letters now and get it wiped.
    Regardless of the outcome it falls off your credit file 6 years from default, so that should have disappeared by next month anyway.
  • I had to ring the bank today because I found out that CSA have been putting money into that account. I had no idea I was being paid anything at all so imagine my surprise when I found out that since 2011 they had been putting 51p a fortnight in that account! Does my ringing them mean I have accepted ownership of the debt? We discussed the csa thing and he mentioned where the charges came from but said that the debt is with Lowell now. Thanks for all your advice so far by the way.