26 Feb 2015

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Slim Your Bin

A question about : Make a New Year’s Resolution to Slim Your Bin

Whether you're rubbish at sorting rubbish or reliable at arranging recycling, take the New Year Rubbish Diet Challenge to reduce your waste and save money.

Sign up and you'll get free step-by-step emails from zero waste website The Rubbish Diet to help you become a recyling pro and tackle food waste.

Then tell us how your waste watch went on the thread below.

26 Feb 2015

New Campaign suggestion

A question about : New Campaign suggestion

I would like to see the end of r.r.p and m.r.p. They have been created as a tool for supermarkets, furniture outlets etc to use to rip us off with their deceitful discounts offering up to 75% off when the pre discount price has hardly ever been charged in the first place.
Retailers won't like it but they need to go.

26 Feb 2015

Balancing the UK budget

A question about : Balancing the UK budget

26 Feb 2015

What should we do?

A question about : What should we do?

DOT is the voice of the House of Commons on MSE, and is run by the Digital Outreach Team.

Our aim is to promote public engagement, awareness, understanding and involvement in the House of Commons.

DOT is new to the MoneySaving Expert forums and as such we would love to hear what types of information you would like us to provide to support you in finding out more about what the House of Commons is doing and how it affects you.

Please comment below and help to shape DOT’s presence on MSE.
Thank You