26 Feb 2015


A question about : Students

The Office of Fair Trading's looking at the service English universities (and other higher education providers) have been offering to students since the fee changes in 2012.

The changes should have given more choice, but did they?

26 Feb 2015

Get Safe Online Week

A question about : Get Safe Online Week

This week is Get Safe Online Week, a campaign giving tips on how to protect yourself, your computers and your mobiles against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other problems found online.

How safe are you being when browsing and shopping online?

Take a look at the campaign's Online Code Of Conduct, use the How Much Do You Know? quiz and Online Safety Test then let us know how you got on in the thread below.

MSE Wendy

26 Feb 2015

'Check it, don't regret it' when you buy a used car

A question about : 'Check it, don't regret it' when you buy a used car

The Citizens Advice consumer service gets over 80,000 calls a year with questions about used cars.

As one of the most expensive purchases we make - but with scope for things to go badly wrong if there are problems - it's an area worth genning up on before buying.

Check out the Check it, Don't regret it tips and share your used car catastrophes to warn other drivers below.

26 Feb 2015

New campaign

A question about : New campaign

I think we need to start being honest about the applying for disability benefits procedure since last April. Very few people have had claims agreed or even completed yet, and there has been nothing in the media. I know that is is really hard to admit you need this benefit for some of us, and for others chasing atos/other organisations is very tough, people are also worried if they make a fuss they wont get the benefit I think.
Any help from mse by making this a campaign would be a great start.