09 Mar 2015

"I am sleeping rough so that others don't have to'

A question about : "I am sleeping rough so that others don't have to'


'I am sleeping rough so that others don't have to'

On Friday 27th February I will be sleeping rough, under the stars in a cardboard box to raise awareness and vital funds for to combat youth homelessness in Suffolk.

To sponsor me and support this vital work, please visit the link below. Every little helps.


09 Mar 2015

Name & Shame Companies That Spam

A question about : Name & Shame Companies That Spam

I would like to suggest a campaign to name and shame companies guilty of spamming. I realise most people may not be aware where the spam they get comes from, but for many years I have used Sneakemail addresses to create a unique address for each place I submit an email address, so I have been keeping an eye on what happens.

09 Mar 2015

Evans Halshaw Faulty Car

A question about : Evans Halshaw Faulty Car

Has anyone bought a car from Evans Halshaw that developed
problems soon after?

Please could you leave your story below with the answers to:
- the dealership location
- the problem, including the cost, age and mileage of car
- the solution offered by the dealership
- the overall outcome: did you accept a repair/replacement/refund - and why did you accept the outcome, ie:financial, time, stress etc

Did you seek professional advice? and if so, from who?

09 Mar 2015

Animal Testing

A question about : Animal Testing

I will not buy anything that has been tested on animals its cruel and wrong on all levels. I have just binned a bottle of Vanderbilt perfume because BUAV say its manufactured by L'Oreal who still conduct animal testing. What do others on here think about lab testing?.