09 Mar 2015

Criminal injury compensation

A question about : Criminal injury compensation

Has anyone on here had any dealings with the criminal injuries compensation authority (CICA)? Also can someone make a civil claim against the person who harmed them eg if they own any property or vehicle and could they be made to sell them to compensate their victim? is compensation only given for physical harm or does it cover emotional or mental type abuse too.

09 Mar 2015

Your privacy has been trashed. Take a look!

A question about : Your privacy has been trashed. Take a look!

Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong area.

I have never been on the electoral register and take my privacy very seriously. The website below lists information that you may be concerned about.


It appears that it may be a rogue site after reading this

google 'freeelectoralroll.co.uk complaints' and it's on the squeaky wheel link.

Anyone else concerned about this?

09 Mar 2015

RGB Direct Review

A question about : RGB Direct Review

Don't touch this company with a barge-pole!

I purchased a Blu-ray player from rgbdirect.co.uk before Christmas & when it failed less then a month later they just didn't want to know!
They tried to shirk their responsibilities by passing the buck for the issue on to the manufacturer.
Even when I pointed out to them that they have a legal obligation under the Sale Of Goods Act to resolve this matter as my contract was with them and not the manufacturer they still refused to co-operate.

09 Mar 2015

Please support Social Care petition

A question about : Please support Social Care petition


Please support https://www.change.org/p/george-free...of-retribution

This is important because:

1. It leaves vulnerable people without care

2. It wastes humongous amounts of tax payers money for the council to have keep sourcing alternative care (social workers time/ care arranging team) which would be better used actually caring for vulnerable people!