09 Mar 2015

A question about : Cahoot/Santander loan

I had a flexi loan with cahoot I was paying by D/D this stopped (not by me) then about 6 months later Santander were asking for repayments I had no notification that they had taken over the loan apparently it was by e mail as it was a internet account strange that as Santander do not now have my loan on the internet. I requested a SAR which was incomplete complained about their handling of my account heard nothing since last May now suddenly after ignoring my complaints they have sent me a letter saying I have to pay the arrears or they will claim the full amount and today another letter saying I would have a default issued against me. They wont tell me the interest rate or what I am supposed to pay I did get a refund of interest as they had over charged me do I have to pay the arrears or have I got a case against them can anyone advise please. Really worried about this should I perhaps make an offer to pay part as a final settlement

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  • Is there anyone that can advise me please
  • Send them a letter signed for, telling them they have 14 dys to respond to your complaint or you will refer to FOS. You can do that if they don't respond to your complaint after 8 weeks.
    They did send ou letters when they transferred to Santander, have you moved?
    I would complain its their fault if you did not cancel the DD.
  • You might get more help if your question was written in coherent English.
    Please edit your post and use some punctuation. It generally aids understanding.
    Then, while you are at it, please tell us when you took out this loan, how the payments 'stopped', when you noticed this, the dates of letters, what is says on your credit file etc.
  • No havent moved and had the correct e mail address. Should I complain and ignore the threat of them asking for all the money and putting a default on my account thanks for the reply
  • Firewyrm I find your post offensive
  • FireWyrm is correct.
    You are not using punctuation. There are no full-stops or capital letters to denote where one sentence ends and a new one begins. This makes it incredibly difficult to understand what you are saying. I can guess where a sentence ends or a comma should go, but then I might accidentally change the meaning....which means I am unable to advise as the advice might be incorrect due to possible misinterpretation of your original post...It was the reason I didn't reply yesterday
    This is not meant to offend. It is meant to be helpful.
    Please edit your original post. If it makes it easier, just put each new sentence or phrase on an entirely new line.
    Please help us to help you.
    Thank you.
  • Options are to talk to pay them the arrears and then look for compensation via the complaints process.
    Or if you don't have the money, just go via the complaints process.
    I would check your credit report as it will likely be showing 6 months in arrears or maybe a default already, but should not do if the date on the default notice has not passed. Also ask for this correcting via complaints process.