09 Mar 2015

A question about : BT TV and broadband packages miss selling

Last month I moved house and after having a terrible service from talk talk I decided to pre order myself a BT tv and broadband package so it could be installed not long after we moved in. Whilst I could see the offers on the Internet I wasn't sure what I wanted so called to discuss with an advisor. I ended up taking out the BT infinity TV entertainment package 2. Whilst I could have claimed Ј150 of sainsbury' s vouchers ordering online I chose to order over the phone as the agent offered to wave any installation costs. All for Ј41 a month. The direct debit letter arrived stating Ј51.50 a month? I called and queried this and it was changed instantly. The following day the engineer arrived to fit the broadband etc and he no record of the tv package order. Nor do BT it would seem? I have had to lodge a formal complaint and told to wait 10 days for an investigation. How can this take 10 days just listen to the phone call. There answer was I could pay over Ј100 now and there send me the tv box and have it installed? Or just wait and have no TV for 10 day's +. I'm a new customer and find this service appalling, what can I do about this? Should I cancel my direct debit before they take the money for a service I don't have?

Best answers:

  • don't cancel the direct debit , you will just end up with them chasing you for the debt !!
    wait and see if the BT rep posts in reply
    or use the link in their profile to message
  • This is one of the reasons for ordering online-you then have an audit trail as to what was contracted. Did you not receive any confirmation of your order either by post or email though?
  • Hi why did I choose BT?,
    Sorry for the problems you've had getting your services connected. I can help get you sorted from here. You'll be able to send us over your details using the link in our public profile.
    All the best,