09 Mar 2015

A question about : BT Sainsbury's gift cards for Infinity

I took out a BT Infinity Deal that included a Ј100 Sainsbury's gift card early in Dec - does anyone have any experience of how long it takes them to send out the gift cards?
Don't usually shop there but have some extra nectar vouchers to use if I shop there in Jan so would be a great bonus to use the giftcard.

Best answers:

  • I am sure mine said within 90 days of your service being up and running.... Mine was installed on 3rd Dec but has never been up and running
  • Hi cazwasere,
    If you've filled in the claims form your voucher should arrive within 30 days of your broadband installation.
  • Hi Neil, thanks for updating, could you let me know where to find the claims form, don't remember receiving one and nothing obvious on the website (I am logged in) should I have had it via post, or email?
  • https://www.vouchers.bt.com/offer/sainsbury/
  • Brill thanks, claim form submitted
  • I'm having the same problem as will. It was the big selling point for us to move to bt. I have been call bt and all I get is that they will email the department as they don't have a phone number for them I was told that they would email me in 24hr and have not had a thing . This is bad customer service
  • I've gone through the Sainsburys voucher process twice.
    Both times I had to chase up to get it.
    You must keep all the reference numbers (Order No., Job No.) and dates. The small print has a huge list of promotions date ranges.
    You can only submit the claim after the broadband had gone live for about a week.
    After the 90 days, you ring up, and they will ask for the reference number the system should have given you when you submitted the claim, but DIDN'T.
    The later pre-charged card is not the same as a regular card. You cannot buy petrol with it. I hardly ever shop in Sainsburys, and petrol was precisely What I wanted it for!
  • i claimed mine same day as activation and it came through ok, you dont have to wait a week
  • mine was about 2 weeks iirc
  • I have all the number and I have done all this I started this in 3/12/14 so I'm not happy that I have to do all this run rand for something that they should just sed it to me
  • They tried to cancel my order saying there was a problem but they could re do the order on the phone but id lose my Ј100 voucher and Ј30 credit. And because the 18th Feb had passed I couldnt then get that offer online anymore.