09 Mar 2015

A question about : BT Broadband top pick, we want your feedback

Hi all,

In our broadband guide BT broadband is in our top picks.

We're after feedback from people who have applied this deal and want to know your experience and if you had any trouble getting the broadband.

Thanks for all help in advance

Best answers:

  • Hi
    I signed up to the BT deal before the deadline.
    MSE said to come back after so many days to claim the Ј75 Sainsbury voucher through a link.
    I can't seem to find the page now to claim it!
    Please advise!
  • I got Bt infinity when offer was on almost 2 years ago. They offered Ј50 voucher. Still waiting!
  • This new discounted monthly rate for BT Infinity (Martin's Money Tips newsletter 11/2/2015) doesn't appear to apply if you already have standard BT Broadband?
  • BT new Fibre offer listed in todays email is not valid for existing standard broadband customers as wrongly advised by MSE
  • I agree with the 2 posters above. I already have BT standard (non fibre) broadband. When attempting to sign up to the BT Infinity + TV package, the system prices it at Ј23/month. It looks like upgraders are excluded from this deal.
    Can you confirm?
  • I am sick and tired of being urged to upgrade to BT Infinity Fibre Broadband. There is NO fibre in my street, and BT are unable to even give a rough date of when it might become available.
    As BT are the sole providers of the infrastructure, I cannot get fibre broadband from any other provider either.
    It's not as if I live in a rural area in the back of beyond. I reside in a modern housing estate in a medium-sized town. In other parts of the town, fibre broadband is available, but not in this street!
    So we are stuck with old-fashioned copper cabling for the foreseeable future.
    Oh, and Virgin Media have also said they have no plans to cable this area ... it's "not economic".
  • Hi all,
    Sorry to existing BT standard broadband customers who tried to get the BT Fibre and TV deal in today's weekly email - we made a mistake.
    The deal is only available to new BT broadband customers (you do qualify if you've only got its phone line).
    Apologies again, but hope that clears things up.
    MSE Sally
  • Does anyone know if the sainsbury's vouchers can be used for fuel?
  • Then you need to pull it or send an email. I've just tried to get it and wasted an hour on BT and the interweb.
  • Just signed up to this deal (Ј100 Sainsburys, Ј30 cheque etc) – looks great. Installation is booked in for Feb 26th. Would you suggest I call Virgin now and cancel my service (I'm out of contract)?
    BT’s website suggests I wait till my service is active before making the call but I don’t want to pay for 2 month’s service concurrently.
    Thanks in advance.
  • BT is great when everything works. When it doesn't then BT customer services are absolutely horrific, so bad in fact that I was left so scarred by the experience that I left and went to Virgin.
    A very simple break in the line from my house to the pole took 2 WEEKS to fix. A week of being told if it was my fault I'd be charged if the fault was in the house, the same week listening to script after script being read out by Indian call centre staff who don't give a d*** about you, no responsibility for my broken ADSL line by anyone at anytime whatsoever. When the engineers did eventually get round to seeing me they misdiagnosed it 4 times.
    An utter nightmare from start to finish, about 20 calls all finished with absolute frustration and hair pulling, and it all ended with me telling them to shove it and joining their rivals.
    As I said, when it works it's fine, but God help you when it doesn't.
  • I agree with "warehouse"- ok if no problems but a nightmare if there is. I had a problem with my broadband, the modem was faulty as the engineer discovered when he came -but BT charged me Ј130 and said it was an upgrade- surprisingly they never replied to any emails I sent via their website and as its via their website you don't get a copy of the email. Trouble is when there is a problem you have no choice but to have an engineer come.
    Currently trying to compose a letter of complaint and if that doesn't work I shall take the matter to the ombudsman.....wish me luck.
    Forgot to add it took three missed appointments before they actually turned up.
  • I've just signed up for this deal...bit of a last minute panic! The first problem I encountered was not having the option of paying upfront for the years line rental so had to agree to pay Ј16.99 a month. Looking at other posts on the forum it seems this has been occasionally disappearing from the site?! Hopefully I can contact them and get this sorted.
    The second disappointment was the earliest installation date of 24th March which may leave me without service as we gave Sky our 30 days notice today ��
  • OP.... Yes, we are having trouble getting BT broadband. We ordered BT Infinity early Jan and were given a switchover date that passed us by 4 weeks ago and we still have no service, no explanation, no new switchover date and, as our previous provider cut us off 8 days ago, no broadband. All you will get from "customer service" is apologies as none of them have a clue what is actually happening. Avoid.
  • Hi David,
    Nice to see someone taking an interest in BT Customers. I thought it was a pretty safe bet having a BT Line + Broadband + W/E Calls, and with the offer of a Ј75 cash back just made it a little sweeter.
    I wish I had just let my wallet do the thinking and gone with the much cheaper TalkTalk now!
    I ordered with BT.com on 8th December, install on the 19th December. 19th Arrived, OpenReach sub contractor turned up with the wrong ladder, and needed a blue one. Following couple of weeks the call centres told me when the engineer would be around to do the install, and advised to take days off work - eventually installed on the 5th January.
    I sent off for my voucher, waited for a nectar card so I could log in and check the balance of the card, and its Ј25, so glad I didn't go into Sainsbury with a full shop!
    Spoken to BT Sales today who say there isn't much they can do and they don't understand why its only Ј25 and not Ј75, but just fill the online form in again and hope for the best.
    Bit cheesed off with it all really, being done out of Ј50 is bad enough, but three days off work for an install is making the Ј50 seem like nothing.
    I don't know why, I would expect this kind of stuff from TalkTalk as they always put across an image to me of being a bit "del boy", but not BT, guess Ill be thinking really hard next time about my choices and not believing memories of how things used to be.