26 Feb 2015

Protection on public wifi ?

A question about : Protection on public wifi ?


Is there any additional step to take to be protected on a public wifi i.e. coffee shop? Are Avast and Malwarebytes enough?


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26 Feb 2015

sky broadband new Ј192 deal m&s gift

A question about : sky broadband new Ј192 deal m&s gift

Trying to get this deal but the mse link takes you to sky tv,broadband and calls page with Ј75 off , mse states it should take you to skys broadband and calls page with Ј100 m&s gift card details.

Anyone else having probs with this?

Update got it sorted, would only go to skys Ј75offer using android tablet, signed up ok using my windows laptop

26 Feb 2015

Sky charging me for not using Sky Talk

A question about : Sky charging me for not using Sky Talk

I used to be an O2 broadband customer, which is now Sky.

Sky are now charging me a monthly Ј5 Supplement for not having Sky Talk because I still use my BT line. I don't want to change telephone providers as I'm only calling 0844 numbers which are 1p with BT and 4p with Sky.

Can they really punish me for not using their service? Their explanation is that they charge me because broadband needs to go through the telephone line.


26 Feb 2015

Customer Service Nightmare (EE and BT)

A question about : Customer Service Nightmare (EE and BT)

Thank you for your email addressed to Olaf,
I understand that you have experienced issues with the service received and would like to raise these concerns. To enable me to fully investigate these matters please provide your landline or account number. Once this information is received, you will be assigned a case manager who will contact you directly.
EE Executive Office