26 Feb 2015

A question about : B&Q Over 60's 10% Discount Card

We discovered today, after buying several trays of bedding plants on a 4 for Ј10 (or Ј3 each) offer, that the Diamond Card Wednesdays 10% discount no longer applies on already discounted offers and multibuys.

Thought I'd put it here so that you're all aware before you go to B&Q specifically for the 10% discount. Had we known, we could probably have bought our plants cheaper in Aldi.

Best answers:

  • That's worth knowing! Bit like the Boots change from a 10% discount to extra points.
    We have discovered a cheaper place called Charlie's .. It's not national but there are a few branches in the North West.
  • Terms and conditions
    The Diamond Card entitles the authorised signatory/signatories to a 10% discount on purchases made at any B&Q store every Wednesday. The discount is not available at B&Q Surplus Stores or for any online purchases. To receieve your discount the Diamond Card must be presented by a signatory at the time of purchase and is not transferable. Occasionally proof of age may be required when using your card. The Diamond Card may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts, promotions, B&Q Trade Account Cards or TradePoint.
    The Diamond Card discount does not include kitchen, bathroom or bedroom purchases including associated accessories, installations, household appliances, carrier bags and Gift Cards. The discount applies to the store price prior to any further adjustment that may be required to meet our price promise.
    Items purchased using the Diamond Card and requiring home delivery can only be delivered to the cardholder's address, delivery charges do not receive discount. The Diamond Card is not a credit card or cheque guarantee card and the card remains the property of B&Q who reserve the right to alter the conditions of use, or to withdraw it at any time without notice.
    However, last time we bought paint (Novemberish) on a 342 offer we received the 10% discount
  • I tried to but 2 bags of compost today normally Ј5.98 a bag but offer was 2 for Ј10 they wouldn't give me the 10% off. I queried it with a manager and she said the TS and Cs haven't changed they have always been as shown i the post above. They have just started enforcing the other discounts bit.
    I left the compost on the counter cut up my diamond card and told them I wouldn't be back.
  • About five or do years ago B&Q locally would give us the 10% on any day.
    Ah, well!
  • I used to hand over my discount card any day of the week & the dimwits on the checkouts just used to accept it !!!
    Until last week when they put notices up saying it was ONLY for use on a Wednesday.......
  • We have only had a B&Q fairly recently- within the last couple of years or less.... and until a couple of months ago apparently they would honour the card any day of the week. Not anymore!
  • We have a Dobbies locally and they give you 10% on almost anything I pay Ј10.00 per year for the card but get 2 free coffees per month which would cost just under Ј50.00 over a year so its a good value card
  • I have the card about four years - only used it once!
    Why on earth do they confine it to just one day!?
    Having a Nectar Card, I get more offers from them to use in Homebase, rarely have the need to go to B & Q even if I could go on a Wednesday!
  • today i went to b&q to purchase some tiles and paint for my pensioner aunt
    the tiles were on offer @ Ј6 if you buy 4 and paint was 2 for Ј22 when we get to the till we are told the diamond club discount is not available on offer items " wheres the signage that states this" i ask?. at customer services im told. that may be all well and good but what use is the signage in an area where i had no intention of going to only if i wqs returning something.
    Why do items that are on offer have on the signage "diamond club discount not available in conjunction with this offer" My aunt god bless her ws banking on the discount
    Think itis poor that the signage is not made available or more prominate through out the store and not just in one area
  • yet on Wednesday there were trays of Geraniums on offer at my local B&Q reduced from Ј5.00 to Ј2.00 so I bought 6 trays = 36 plants should have cost Ј12.00 but got the discount off and only cost Ј10.80 what a bargain 30p each plant.They were really nice ones and my gardener put them in for me on Thursday.I have a greenhouse concrete base thats filled with peat and earth at the bottom of my garden so I will have a nice splash of red colour shortly when they all flower
  • Is this being done by the checkout operative or is it programmed into tghe tills and self service points?