26 Feb 2015

A question about : Booking open for kids go free (with paying adult) London theatre in August

Kids go free with an adult ticket at London theatres 1-31st August, additional kids tickets can be bought for half price. http://www.kidsweek.co.uk/ No additional booking fee and free postage.

Booking opened at 10am today.

Best answers:

  • Excellent Thank you. I missed out on War Horse last year but just managed to get some tickets this time - and my eldest will be too old to qualify as a child next year as the upper limit is 16.
    Now very excited!
  • Thank you so so much, I missed out last year by the time I remembered when you can book so booked to see Wicked !
    A million thank you's for posting x
  • Thanks op
    I booked for les miserable .i wanted Charlie and the chocolate factory but already sold out ! Next year .....
  • Thank you so much off to london with grandchildren end August and have just booked a show. Very happyx
  • OK, I spent about an hour looking for tickets for this during the week - what Inoticed was that the performances were sold out except for 1, 2 and 3 seats dotted around or with a bad view. Log into the Ticketmaster website and sometimes it is cheper to find seats with a clearer view. For example, Chalie was sold out but on the normal site there were 250 seats available, including some for Ј30 each and the KC ones were priced at around Ј55 IIRC
  • For the first time in 3 years of trying I finally got tickets! I got top price one for Woman in Black with a excellent view - my teenager has been desperate to see this for ages (its my favorite book too!) can't wait - thanks op.