09 Mar 2015

A question about : BCW Group


I know there are a lot of threads and information pages on how to deal with DCAs, but every situation is a bit different so...

I received a text today asking me to contact BCW group urgently, quoting a reference number. A quick google search backed up my initial thought that this is a debt collection agency, but I can't think of any possible debt that it can be, as I haven't received any written notification of missed or late payments from any of my credit accounts. I have also been monitoring my credit record for months and have noticed no missed payments (that I haven't dealt with anyway).

I'm tempted to call them out of sheer curiosity, but am I better off just ignoring it?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Best answers:

  • Ignore it, if there really is a debt they will write to you, if it's a spammer then replying will let them know that the number they've tried is valid and you'll probably get lots more.
  • Good advice, thanks