09 Mar 2015

A question about : basic decoration and renovation

Seen a place I like...1 bed flat that I hope to offer on.

But I need to make some changes. I don't have the time or skill for DIY so ill get professionals in.

As a guide I want to

- change laminate flooring in lounge and small hall to wood veneer

- change carpet in bedroom to wood veneer

- remove carpet from bathroom floor to tiles. ..no idea of colours. ..suggestions welcome. ..and then most likely replace with new toilet sink and bath

- there are 4 door that look cheap that I want to replace with basic wood? doors painted white

- then a lick of paint all over

I know of sites like building sheriff, My hammer and victoria plumb.

Excuse my ignorance. ..what are best or cheapest places for thr bath tiles and suites? B&q? Wikes? VP? Do I order them to my door and get a workman paid just labor to fit?

Ditto veneer flooring. ..do I source myself?
Any cons to wood veneer or recommendations to type of wood? Guess oak will be most expensive? What's the best alternative to oak for wood veneer flooring?

I'm cautious of price. ..it's a small flat and not massive things. I want to set aside no more than 1.5-2 k...double bedroom, average lounge and regular small bathroom

Any other comments welcome

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