09 Mar 2015

A question about : The Bankrupt Inn ~ Part 12

Hello and Welcome to the BR Inn title=Hello

If you are a new/old poster and don't want to start a new thread but just need a chat please do pop in title=Have


Best answers:

  • Mmmm.... Coffee & cake.
  • Don't mind if I do!
  • Hellooooo
    Oooh.. a shiny new home.. new fireplace as well I see, If
    Not sure about the wallpaper.. isn't flock wallpaper a bit 80s? Nice comfy chairs though
    The cake looks yummy though
  • Got to disappear If, back to work now
    See you later, hope you have a good day x
    And PS: none of the blue stuff while I'm not watching.. we don't want the new placed mucked up straight away..........
  • Evening all
    I've got the first round in
  • Well, it's still nice and tidy in here this morning so I have to assume that If stayed off the blue stuff last night
    I think it's time for brunch..
    Something nice and healthy to start with....
    ...now something slightly less healthy
  • I'll skip the grapefruit and go straight for the bacon roll!
  • Excellent plan FYP.
  • Diet starts on Monday.
  • Thanks SS, so thoughtful!
  • If you are going to inflict fruit on us, then this is better........
  • Evening all