09 Mar 2015

A question about : Bank Review of PPI claim

I made some enquiries a couple of years ago trying to find out the details of a loan I had taken out with Barclays on which I'd paid PPI as I'd lost all of the paperwork.

Because I'd mentioned PPI in my enquiry, they assumed that it was a PPI claim and write back saying they had considered the claim and didn't feel it had been mis-sold etc etc.

At the time I had a new baby and was very sleep deprived so never took it any further. A few days ago I received a letter saying that they have 'refined their current policies and re-opened [my] claim'.

They are asking for the following information:

Was I employed and the number of hours worked each week I was employed full time, 37 hours a week as a Civil Servant - I was quite new to the job having only been in it a few weeks, so technically still probabation period, but I was entitiled to sick pay and would have had 6 months full pay and six months half pay. I was also paying into the pension so their would have been a 'death in service' benefit should the worst have happened (however, I can't ben 100% certain I was paying into the pension at the time I took out the loan).

Where the sale took place - the sale took place in the branch at the same time as the loan was taken out.

Who you spoke to about the policy - the personal advisor who also sorted out the loan (as far as I can remember)

What information you were given about the policy - It was 16 years ago, so I can't remember exactly, but I'm fairly sure that the verbal information was quite minimal (insurance so that the loan can still be repaid if I got sick or lost my job). I don't recall being told if there were any circumstances in which the insurance would have paid out. I presume that I was given paperwork - but I certainly wouldn't have read it in detail - or at that time understood it.

I didn't ask many questions - I was a naive 18 year old (no excuse I know), it was my first loan and I had banked with Barclays since I was 15.

Any other information.

I think that as I was a Civil Servant, and would have got sick pay that the PPI was inappropriately sold.

I am hoping that someone can help we word things properly in order to maximise the chance that the claim will be successful. Any pointers gratefully received.

Best answers:

  • May be worth double checking your contract if you can, or just saying as you have put it that you "believe" that to be the case - it's unusual (maybe not for the civil service I guess) to get access to benefits and pension while in the first few weeks of a new job - nothing to stop people going on sick leave if they don't pass their probation but before their notice period for example - usually after 6 months these things open up - so stating this as a fact may come back to bite you as Dunstonh says