09 Mar 2015

A question about : badluck

i booked a holiday with travel republic,all inclusive at hilton sharm el shake egypt.flight with easy jet great.we booked sea view twin bed balcony...on arrival at2200 hrs got what we booked for.until i opened patio door to balcony.we was above pool and bar area plus live music.reported this to front guest.following morning the hotel showed us 2 other rooms to move to.both rooms had twin bed no balcony no sea view.mould round bath and shower including a large rusty nail sticking out of the floor directly infront of bath to hold door open.no joy so had to stay back at old room with live music and drinking tell 2230 every night.we had to be out of pool by 1700 every night.no drinks from pool bar until 1030/1100.gym equipment was broocken and dum bells had black tap round them stuck to rack.main eating area place mats stuck to table,flies always around food eating area.air con broocken,toilets blocked,drunken guests round pool until 8am hotel dun nothing,pool was very cold,child tipping dirty ash pot into pool staff dun nothing.i complained to travel republic they have dun nothing to date.hilton gave us 1 night free stay at any hilton around the world for us.10 emails to travel republic..nothing there are about 2o issues which i raised in detail to both partys still nothing to date..IS THER ANYTHING I CAN DO

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  • Buy a dictionary?
  • Don't go there again?
    Seriously though what do the terms and conditions say with the agent you booked with about the balcony etc?
    Does it GUARANTEE that you will get everything or is it on a best endeavours case?
    Most hotel sites state that nothing is guaranteed.
  • Clearly probably not the right choice for you, Sharm appears to be completely 'charmless' to me and many others, but booking through Travel Republic, you didn't book a package holiday as they don't sell them, you booked separate parts with different suppliers which should have been identified on your booking. If you didn't contact the supplier whilst you were on holiday, it is unlikely they will be very interested now, but at least identify who is at fault, it won't be Travel Republic. Maybe I read your query wrong, but are you complaining that the bar wasn't open before 1030 in the morning? If so, it certainly isn't for me!
  • Live music and drinking until half past ten at night? Nightmare!
  • So from what I can gather, you got a twin room with balcony that overlooked the pool? Depending on which Hilton you stayed in, in Sharm, the pool is located in front of the sea so you would have also seen that too?
    Your post seems somewhat contridictory, you complain of drunks around the pool until 8am, yet you complain that the bar didn't open until 10am? Also you say the live music stopped at 10.30pm so why were the guests still sat out at 8am? And surely if you intended to use the gym then you wouldn't have wanted a drink so early?
    It seems that most of the room issues, and the pool being cold (not all pools in Egypt are heated) are minor issues. But I can see your frustration about the food and cleanliness.
    I'm not sure exactly when you travelled but you do need to give Travel Republic sometime to get a response from the hotel. Travel Republic will have booked it via a hotel supplier, who in turn will have booked it via a local agent in Egypt who will then have booked it with the hotel so you can see why the lines of communication are sometimes a little slow.
    I don't think you will get much more than what Hilton have already offered, but if you insist on pursuing it further then you need to give them a bit more time.
  • thanks for pointing out about dictionary never erd of them before.
    so thanks for the heads up...
    the pool bar opened at 10am closed at 2200pm.i dont drink and i have no problem with any one drinks and has fun...the problem was that we were asked to leave the pool by 1700 every night.the pool bar closed at 2200pm so the guest that carried on all night long till 8am.in and out the pool all night long..3 guest ruined that night for all that had a room round the pool area.to some this might not b a big deal if thats wat you want from a holiday.as i chose not to be around that irratating behaviour on holiday.i found it a problem...travel republic have had over 4/5 months in sorting this out..the fact that you had to be out of the pool every night by 1700..never was told that,never was told about live music under our room till 2200.i booked the hotel on the info they provided..had i had the heads up i would never of booked it.IF I WANTED A PI.. HOLIDAY I WOULD HAVE BOOKED ONE PURLY TO DRINK MYSELF TO DEATH
  • you don't mention which Hilton (there appears to be more than one in Sharm) What do the reviews say?
    Many people that want to drink to excess opt for all-inclusive....that tends to be the attraction of AI. As a non-drinker I would not book AI as I would expect to be surrounded by those that want to drink loads.
    Would all the sea view rooms not be facing the same direction eg over pool?
  • It is a very sweeping statement to say people who go AI all want to drink to excess. There are varied reasons for choosing this option not only to consume copious amounts of alcohol.
  • my wording was that many people that want to drink loads book AI (as it is cost effective for them)
    not that "people who book AI all want to drink to excess" I agree there will be other reasons book AI, eg managing budget but you need to accept that there will be a % of the guests that are there to party and have booked AI for that reason