09 Mar 2015

A question about : ASDA not showing Smart Price products?

I've noticed that some ASDA Smart Price products have started to not be shown on their website when you search for the product.

For example, a search for baked beans shows the own brand and branded items but the SP one is conspicuous by its absence. A search on smart price baked beans finds it.

A cynical ploy to trick unsuspecting online shoppers into buying the more expensive items?

Best answers:

  • I noticed the other week that some Smart Price items look as if they are being discontinued with very limited or no stock and no sign on the shelf edge that they were going to be replaced. Perhaps they are stopping them in order to make us pay more for own label.
  • Unless Asda are revamping their SP lines or renaming it.
  • I noticed last night in store that there were a good few smart price products missing from the shelves.
  • YES noticed this we always buy value gravy granules 29p but now tesco/asda only do their own ranges 89p they are exactly the same!! what a con. also very hard to get sachet value custard 19p or 29p now the only one you can usually get round here is the upmarket 80p one! same ingredients posh packet!
  • I haven't seen the Smartprice crumpets in store for weeks now
  • This i saw weeks ago not just their own label, it was a well known baby wipes there was no single packs only multi packs.
    They are single packs this week, may be they do it to move stock around.
  • Does sound like they may be getting ready for a new design or something to come in.
    I can't see any supermarket opting out of having a value range if they want to remain competitive, and Asda will not want to lose their cheapest supermarket crown!
  • They are adopting more of WalMart's branding this year, so maybe they are going to try and introduce the Walmart equivalent 'Great Value' to replace Smart Price. Although I think they did this in a limited way before and then stopped.