09 Mar 2015

A question about : Arrow-shop direct (carval) help!

I have received a letter today from debt managers ltd saying doorstep agent visit saying I owe Ј167 to arrow shop direct which I have never heard of nor do I owe debt
It confused me (and bugged me that I received this letter) so wanted to find out a bit more before I try calling them but..
The address on the top of the letter is po box 168.19 postcode eh3 6jr
The postcode in the small print is eh2 4db
The return address on the envelope is po box 8743 postcode ml4 3wu

So now I'm really confused
Any help or advice would be great
Thanks in advance

Best answers:

  • Shop direct are these brands.
    Unlikely they will send anyone one, but if they do you just tell them you don't owe anything and to burger off. They are not bailiffs. They have no rights or powers. If they cause hassle or won't leave then call the police.
    This sounds as if it could be a "mistrace". i.e. they are after someone of the same or similar name, and have got the wrong one. That is quite common, and collectors do not pay the attention they should. Or they just send multiple letters to people of the same name hoping for a bite.
    The alternative is that someone has committed ID fraud in your name.
    Whether you ignore or dispute is up to you.
    Whether or mistake ID fraud, it might be an idea to check your credit files. If they think wrongly that you owe a debt, its quite possible the have also wrongly put defaults etc on your credit file.
    If you should need it --> Letter when you know nothing about about the debt - AKA "Prove it" letter