09 Mar 2015

A question about : Aqua card

Can anyone advise me I was accepted for an Aqua card yesterday the confirmation page said

You have been accepted your pin and card will be posted out with details
Of your credit limit and how to access it...nothing else no email or any other confirmation does this mean I have. Defiantly been accepted or could it still be declined

Best answers:

  • Sounds pretty obvious from what you have written.
    You have been accepted for a card, which will be posted to you soon, along with the pin in a separate post.
  • Ok yes but I have had this before from other company's only to get a letter a few days later saying sorry but we are unable to process your application at this time blah blahh so not as obvious as it may look hence why I'm
    Asking if anyone has also had this message and not recived it
  • Check you junk email box. The same thing happened to me and the email was in my junk file.
    Did you get a reference number? My online acceptance showed one and it is referred to in the email.
    Good luck.
  • No nothing not in my junk there was a reference on the acceptance page
  • Well it sounds like you got exactly the same message as I did although I also got an email. You could either phone them quoting the reference number or wait a week and see if you get the card in the post.
    Good luck.