22 Mar 2015

A question about : Anyone had experience with MBNA on DMP?

I send them my letter about my suggested DMP and requested their bank details so I can set up a standing order.

They've replied giving me their bank details, but letter states to make sure the minimum payment is made as detailed on the bank statements. This won't be my lower payment will it? What am I supposed to do?

Also, does anyone have bank details for barclaycard? as they're payment is due soon and they've not replied. If not I'll just do a manual online banking payment this month.

Thanks, I'm still scared of the knock on effect of my DMP letters!

Best answers:

  • I had 2 MBNA accounts and 1 added interest, the other didn't. The one that carried on adding interest only did it for around 8 months, They sold it on around 3 yrs into the DMP to a DCA and they have been fantastic for me.
    Barclaycard on the other hand are still charging me interest nearly 7 years on from the start of my DMP!!
    Good luck with starting the DMP, the beginning is the hardest, they all soon back down and accept payments soon of what you are offering.
  • They were ok with me - they reduced but didn't stop charging interest but they immediately accepted my DMP and apart from statements I haven't had any correspondence with them in the past 3yrs.
    It would have been nice to have no interest applied but I was grateful for the reduction and as they were getting pretty much the minimum payment from the start, I guess they could have rejected the DMP and kept the rate at the 20 odd per cent it was at originally.
  • They stopped interest with me it was a Virgin cc, and they took a low full and final so thumbs up from me.
  • MBNA were my biggest creditor - I owed them nearly 10k on a credit card. They were brilliant throughout the whole of my dmp and didn't hassle me at all, accepted reduced payments immediately and kept interest frozen for the whole duration of my dmp (5 years) provided I made the minimum repayment that they required which was quite fair. They kept the debt in house and didn't sell to a DCA so guess I've been lucky with them.
    As for Barclaycard, hideous to deal with at the start - hassle, doorstep collector etc. They eventually accepted my dmp but kept adding interest and I'm still paying them - they are the bug bears of my dmp, can't seem to shift the debt with them.
  • I never had Any problems from barclaycard, no interest added or hassle, but I only owed Ј450, my smallest debt by far.
    Lloyds have been my bugbear.
  • My MBNA is at 0.5%. They have put it up twice in three years. A letter from me and a phone call later and I'm back to 0.5%. Otherwise they have not given me any hassle.
    Good luck.