09 Mar 2015

A question about : amazon stops free delivery

Without giving any notice, Amazon UK has stopped free delivery (on orders over 25 pounds) to the countries in Europe which have their own Amazon sites. These local sites are generally about twice as expensive as the UK site.
We in Italy, Spain and Greece feel it is like kicking a man when he's down! OK, Amazon is a business and can do what it likes, but maybe a week's notice would have been helpful. I for one thought the previous system was benefiting all - I was spending more than in the past because you had to get up to the magic 25 pounds, so more money in Amazon's pockets.
Rant over. I know a few sites where I can get books with free postage, but I know nothing about ordering dvds from anyone but Amazon. Not necessarily free postage but just good deals for ordering from abroad. Any help would be appreciated.

Best answers:

  • There is a site called www.find-dvd.co.uk where you can search for the best deals. I believe sites such as The Hut and Play.com offer free worldwide delivery. Possibly many others too but maybe not free delivery but will send abroad such as base.com
    Google is your friend!