22 Mar 2015

A question about : Almost done so frustrating

How frustrating tonight was. After being in a DMP for 10 years and Ј26593.10 later we got a ppi redress from Lloyd's so thought we would clear off the last 5 remaining debts. Paid 3 of them then last 2 were with CL Finance and to my disbelief they do not manage their offices after 6pm so tomorrow's job is to pay them off and become debt free!!! Just wanted to say to anyone struggling talk to someone we used Payplan, who were fantastic I have to say. It is so satisfying to finally know I won't have to lose Ј400 of our wages each month to debts.

Best answers:

  • massive congratulations on getting to the end, - it gives hope to others xx
  • Hi Racjam
    Well done on becoming debtfree
  • Congratulations on becoming debt free