25 Feb 2015

A question about : allshop-online.co.uk

I'm looking for a Samsung smart TV - as birthday present to myself - and came across the online shop allshop-online.co.uk where the prices are Ј100 lower than anywhere else.

Though I can't find any complaints, I'm VERY sceptical!

Has anyone had any experience with this site - good or bad?

Best answers:

  • registered to an address in spain , NOT the UK
    contact address on the web site is a virtual office in London
    one to avoid
  • and just rang the contact phone number , no reply but a foreign ring tone
  • Thanks for that.
    I'm glad I asked the question, in case anyone else has come across it and is considering buying ...
  • I was unfortunate enough to start shopping with them in March 2014 :-(
    I ordered and paid for a WD TV Live Media Player online. They sent me an email to tell that it was out of stock but they could ship in about a week. I agreed, but they failed to deliver in several weeks. So I sent them an email to cancel the order, and bought it from somewhere else. But I was shocked when they sent the product a week later! Nevertheless they agreed to have it sent back, which I did, and the product was delivered to the return address.
    However, after I returned the product, they stopped responding to my emails, phone calls, facebook messages, etc. when it was their turn to return the payment!
    So I have learnt an expensive lesson about shopping with such obscure and un-trustworthy sites :-(
  • i to stumbled on there site with a tv been Ј200 cheaper! promised a ups number, none arrived, tv turned up while I was at work, left with a neighbour for 3 days, opened it up and there was a scar on the picture, to late for a refund, you have had it 3 days! kept persisting, 3 weeks later I can drop it off at UPS who are taking it to France for them to look at, so I have to wait until they say yes im getting a refund / new one? god knows! give them a wide birth guys, its cheap for a reason, im guessing they are some sort of seconds, very badly done too and treated, no 14 day cool off period, might have to go through my credit card, it has been a complete f*** up, your better of at pC World where you can take it back! . please head my warning, buy at your peril, I wish id have listened to the old mantra, if its to good to be true it usually not true!
  • You might like to share your experience on a facebook page I've created: Allshop Online Customer Reviews
    PS. Apparently I'm not allowed to post links but I guess you can easily find it by name - its address is simply allshop2014 after the usual facebook domain.
  • Ordered an lg tv from here...
    It was later than what they said by or week and a bit but nonetheless came and recommend using this site for those who are patient
  • And a sudden new member who says its a great site ......suspicious or what ?
  • To quit honest I bought an lg tv from allshop before reading these post and I was bricking it lol they told me 3 to 4 working days and it came in 5 the tv I bought was wat I ordered and I paid Ј160 less for it than anywhere else so all in all im vhuffed and will not have any problems using this site again
  • Poor feedback ignore the two new posters praising them
  • Been disappointed on two fronts.
    I was looking at the Samsung UE40H6410 smart TV Currys were advertising it at Ј419 and Allshop at Ј355.51 so I contacted Currys and asked if they'd Pricematch but haven't heard back from them.
    Anyway went onto Currys site today and the price had jumped to Ј449. With negative feedback I think I'll avoid Allshop and it looks like Currys price has jumped by Ј30!
    I'll just have to search a little more. Do any online stores Pricematch Allshop.com ?
  • i'm incredibly worried now as I have already done my order on an LG tv and reading the reviews which I usually look at before hand has made me feel quite uneasy...although the reviews are bad people have received their items so It can't be a scam site just badly organised right?? I am going to stress out til I get it now (If..)
  • DO NOT USE this company, unless you want foreign plugs on your electrical items, a returns address that is in Europe, that you must pay return postage for as its in their T&C's. All-shop online will take weeks to respond to emails.
    Someone earlier mentioned chargeback - it seems MasterCard chargeback don't acknowledge different plugs as a problem.