09 Mar 2015

Clubcard Boost on Electricals

A question about : Clubcard Boost on Electricals

Do you think the Clubcard Boost on Electricals was a one off Xmas promotion, or will it come back soon?

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09 Mar 2015

Mothers day present flower and watch set

A question about : Mothers day present flower and watch set

hey all,

rose and watch set for mothers day. Ј9.99

thought this may be useful for those stuck on ideas for mothers day.

Can't comment on the rose but i do have the watch, its quite snazzy and i paid like Ј20 for it on amazon!.title=Embarrassment


09 Mar 2015

Buying Brandy Beware

A question about : Buying Brandy Beware

Bought 2 bottles of reduced 3 Barrels brandy at Morrisons last week only to discover that it was 38% and not my usual 40%. Some bargain! In Tesco's yesterday, discovered that their 3 Barrels brandy was now also 38%. Today on the net found that Asda's 3 Barrels which is reduced to Ј13, is still 40%!!! Ms and Ts have just lost another customer.

09 Mar 2015

Christmas Present returns

A question about : Christmas Present returns

Last year my Daughter was bought quite a few presents from family and friends that she didn't play with. I knew as soon as she unwrapped them she wouldn't play with them. These presents are all still in their boxes. This year should my Daughter get any presents that I know she won't play with how do I go about returning them and exchanging them for them for something she will enjoy without a receipt or knowing which shop they came from? When people asked I did say last year and have said this year what she likes.