09 Mar 2015

A question about : Advise Please

Hi just need some advice please:-

I took out a gym membership for both myself and S1 - both contracts ended due to me losing my job/ running out of funds to pay them and both have been passed to CARS (Credlink Account Recovery Solutions Limited)

I have paid my debt with them in full and that is settled. They havent written to my son to tell him the full amount of his debt but are ringing constantly - he is never in, he's a teenager in his last few months of studying for A levels so I see him to feed him and for him to go to bed.

Anyway I have explained to CARS that the debt for his gym membership is in my name and I will make an offer for payment (the direct debit was from my account and I signed the credit agreement), my son doesnt even have a bank account so it couldnt have been signed in his name. They refuse point blank to speak with me saying that he needs to phone them to make payment etc etc - apart from the fact he doesnt have an account to pay them from or an income he's also terrible speaking to people on the phone and will not be able to cope with their 'bully boy tactics'.

I have asked them to send it out in writing now 2 times but nothing, so far today they have foned the house 3 times, the first time at just gone 8am this morning - each time I tell them that when he gets home at a decent hour I will get him to call them and give me authority to speak on his behalf, that is not acceptable to them.

I did think of writing to them and asking them to send out proof that the credit agreement is in my sons name, and/ or explaining that S1 will give me authority to deal with them on his behalf but am not sure they will accept this. By explaining this to them on the phone so far all I have had is abuse...

what's best to do - put it in writing? ask for the agreement or get son to struggle thru a call with them so he can give me authority to speak on his behalf. I really dont want to cause him any more stress than necessary at this time.

suggestions gratefully received cos i cant even get them to speak with me!

Best answers:

  • How old is your son?
  • I ask as I assume he's 17/18 based on him doing his last year of A levels. The debt would be unenforcable by law if he is under 18.
  • thought as much - so even though I was paying the DD its not counted or how do I tell them as such? is there a template letter or something i need to quote?
  • I think it comes under the Minors' Contracts Act, I'm not 100% sure though as it's for membership and have no experience in this area. I'm certain someone will come along shortly to confirm either way though.