22 Mar 2015

A question about : 5 week pay months... help!

My partner is paid monthly on the 15th of every month and we are aware that monthly pay is subject to 4 '5 week pays' per year - he is paid an hourly rate and not a salary.

What I'm trying to find out is in which months those '5 week' pays will occur as I'm desperately trying to plan out our finances ( to make matters confusing I get paid weekly!)

We know that the last '5 week' pay was 15th Feb and the last two march and april have both been '4 week'. We are desperately hoping that this month is a 5 week month as it has been 2 months without, Can anyone help please?

look forward to hearing from you


Best answers:

  • What happens if the 15th falls on a weekend, does he get paid on the Friday before or the next working day?
    If the latter, then he won't get paid until the 17th June making it very nearly a five week payday.
  • Hiya Matty, if it falls on the weekend he gets paid the friday before.
    Are we saying that may is four weeks but June maybe 5?
  • Do what I used to, get a calendar and mark each pay day then count the weeks and days from last pay date to the next x
  • ok im not sure where that gets me... Anyone with any ideas what may is please?
  • Thanks Amersall. I've tried that I just can't seem to fathom it as I've tried correlating it with previous months wages and it makes no sense!!
  • All you need to know are the months going forward, as you are paid monthly on the same date this should be easy, from the 15th of one month to the 15th of the next, this will be x weeks exact or x weeks and extra couple of days or so.
  • If the pay date falls on a weekend he will get it the Friday before always, any month that it falls on a week day then this will be x weeks and x days from the last pay date.
  • Can he ask his payroll department? Might be the easiest option if his pay is hourly-based rather than a set monthly amount. If he's worked there for a while, you might be able to go back over his payslips for the past year to try and figure it out.
  • Thank you guys. Amersall Its not that simple as that way shows 4 weeks and couple of days in each month and going over previous payslips this is not the case. On a monthly basis he gets 160 hrs which equates exactly to 4 weeks at 40 hrs per week and this does not match the calender scenario!
    As for overtime... I know that stopped a while ago so not the reason for extra pay. Its comman knowledge in the workplace he is at that there are '5 week' months just not which ones!!
    My OH is a scardy cat and wont ask them! He does't panic about money like I do and has no idea how much we need this to be a five week month!!!
  • I did do a big reply but typical lost it,
    try again - gets paid on 15th - if that lands on weekend gets the fri before......
    Going through the calender on my phone there is no 5 week months, the most you have is 4 weeks and
    June - pd fri 14th (4 weeks 2 days)
    July - pd Mon 15th - (4 weeks 2 days)
    Aug -pd thurs 15th (4 weeks 2days)
    Sept -pd Fri 13th (4 weeks)
    Oct -pd tues 15th (4 weeks 3 days)
    Nov pd fri 15th (4 weeks 3 days)
    Dec pd fri 13th (4 weeks)
    Jan pd Wed 15th (4 weeks 5 days = could class a 5 week mth)
    feb pd fri 14th (4 weeks and 2 days)
    Mar pd fri 14th ( 4 weeks)
    Dont know if that is any help - xx
  • sorry guys for getting you confused I wasnt really sure where to post so spread my net far and wide.... sorry guys!!!
  • It sounds as if he might hand in a time sheet?? If so, you need to know the hand-it-in-by-or-don't-get-paid date, and the dates your OH actually hands them in (Friday afternoon? Monday morning?)
  • He has a clock card which gets taken by his boss at the end of every week. Its very annoying that I he wont ask them!!
  • hrm34,
    Try this calculator for working out the duration between dates http://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html
  • Right, so...if he hands in his clock card on a Friday....then you need to know the payroll cut-off date and count Fridays between cut-off dates.
    Alternatively, as you're stressing now, you should get a five weeker roughly every three months or so. How long is it since the last one?
    Edit: I see, 15th Feb.
    Right...well...unfortunately, March is ALWAYS going to be a four-weeker (28 days in Feb).
    So although it has been three months, it still depends
  • Surely all that matters, is how many hours he has worked, during the month.
    I've just been paid, and have been paid for the hours I worked in April.
    The only things that affect me, month by month, are:-
    1. The number of weeks rent I have to pay.
    2. The number of journeys I'll make to and from work.
    3. The amount I'll need to spend on food.
    That said, monthly pay can be a PITA , when a short month (resulting in fewer than normal shifts) is followed by a long month (resulting in having to pay 5 weeks rent and a few extra journeys to and from work), and a Godsend when the reverse applies.