09 Mar 2015

A question about : 2f westcot credit services

Hi i just recieved this letter, i do have a debt & was paying a debt management for past 7 years, but this year i faced losing job & needing new place to live, so i stopped paying debt this year.
Now found place that i houseshare, also job i kept but on less hours.
I don't know to declare bankrupt or reply to this debt, this is 1 debt, i owe 4 in total, i don't want owner of house knowing really in case they want me to leave...i always pay my rent, but with child maintence and other bills i not got much left, plus work is now less hours.
Any advice please

Best answers:

  • Hi
    Wescot are what is known as a Debt Collection Agency (DCA) they are not Bailiffs and they cannot come round to your property and remove your belongings. They can only enforce the debt if they have a CCJ against you, by way of Attachment of Earnings, (Which can be defended)
    There are a number of options you can consider on the information provided
    You can carry on where you left off and continue paying via Debt Management (DM). Please ensure that you are not paying fees to the DM, and any fees is paid by the creditors, and any money you pay to the DM is reducing your debt by the amount you pay each month
    I do not know the details of the amount of debt you owe in total, or details of your income and expenditure, we need to know these figures so you can be advised correctly on making either a Bankruptcy application or a Debt Relief Order (DRO), a DRO is a insolvency procedure but with different criteria which must be met
    You may need to check your Tenancy Agreement to see if your Landlord allows Bankrupts.
    On the brief information provided you should contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau (Debt Adviser) who will prepare a Financial Statement with you and will be able to advise you on further options mentioned above